• Welcome to the WSA

    Welcome to the WSA

    Since its inception in 1962, the Warwick Sewer Authority has effectively and efficiently captured and treated wastewater from the residences and businesses of Warwick in order to prevent pollutants from entering our bays and waterways. Read More
  • Flood Mitigation

    Flood Mitigation

    In response to the floods of 2010, the WSA has developed a series of flood mitigation efforts meant to increase our ability to continue to provide sanitary sewer service to the citizens of Warwick during significant rainfall and flooding events. Read More
  • FPA Approved

    FPA Approved

    The Warwick Sewer Authority (WSA) is pleased to announce that its Facility Plan Amendment has been reviewed and approved in accordance with requirements of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. Read More
  • Billing Information

    Billing Information

    Learn more about the current rates for residential and commercial users, paying your bill online, deduct meter policies, and more. Read More
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Public Service Announcements

Winter Storm Alert:  In anticipation of the potential for power outages during the upcoming storm, the Warwick Sewer Authority is reminding its customers with grinder pumps that, if power is lost, the pumps will have limited capacity and those customers should therefore limit water usage; without power, the grinder pumps will be unable to discharge into the main sewer line.  WSA suggests that grinder pump owners prepare for a power outage by running an inside faucet for about 10 minutes or until the pump starts up. This will evacuate any wastewater stored in the pump and maximize storage capacity.  Continued reduced water usage will allow for use of the plumbing facilities for a longer period of time, hopefully until power can be restored.  If there is an extended power outage, WSA will issue additional information and guidance.  Please read this Grinder Pump "what happens when the lights go out?"what happens when the lights go out?" guide.


Notice of sewerline flushing for September 2017 & What NOT to Flush 

 The Warwick Sewer Authority (WSA) strongly encourages homeowners whose properties are connected to sewers to contact the WSA at the first sign of trouble with their sewer system.  WSA inspectors are available to respond to a customer’s call and will investigate the nature of the problem.  If the problem can be traced to the public sewer collection system, WSA will make the necessary repairs and improvements to the system.  If it is determined that the public sewer system is functioning properly, WSA inspectors may be able to assist homeowners in addressing problems with their private service connection. 

 You can reach the Warwick Sewer Authority by calling (401) 739-4949; when prompted, enter “1” for sewer emergencies.

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Upcoming WSA Meetings

Thu Feb 22 @ 5:30PM -
Regulations Committee meeting
Thu Feb 22 @ 5:30PM -
WSA Board Meeting