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    The Warwick Police Department is comprised of dedicated, professional police officers that are committed to the safety and security of the residents of the City of Warwick.
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Welcome to the Warwick Police Department

The Warwick Police Department was established in 1921.  Prior to that the villages of Warwick were policed by constables and sheriffs since 1648.  The department currently has 172 sworn police officers supported by 53 civilian employees that provide municipal policing services to a residential population of 81,000.

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Warwick Police Department Headlines

This morning at 5:41 AM, Warwick officers responded to a residence on Friar Tuck Rd in the Cowesett section off Post Rd for a suspicious situation. A 92 year old male reported someone, believed to be a female, was knocking on his door. Officers met with the man who stated that he heard knocking on his door, and after sometime left his bedroom to find his front door open. He saw a person walking away from his house. Officers searched the house and found a broken window on the first floor with blood indicating the point of entry of a burglary.

As Off Ryan Lancaster was responding to Friar Tuck Rd he observed a male on the front lawn of a house on Bokar St. After realizing the house on Friar Tuck was burgled, Ryan went back to Bokar to where he last saw the male. At a house on Bokar St he found forced entry into a garage door. Ryan went into the house and found the suspicious male in the house. The male, identified as Michael Collins 26 years of age, stated that he was trying to stay warm and find some food. The elderly couple of this house were awakened and they identified a bottle of soda and a loaf of bread found in their back yard as coming from their house.

No one was injured.  The victims were two elderly couples between the ages of 80 and 92. Collins was charged with two counts of Breaking & Entering into a Residence of a Person Over 60 years of age. Detectives interviewed Collins, whom they were familiar with, and were convinced he was homeless and was looking for shelter and food with no intent to harm anyone.